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Business Services

CSSRL Laboratories originated with Research and Training Segments as its 1st and major Commercial Verticals. On 20th September 2014, CSSRL Laboratories stepped ahead with more commitments towards excellence in IT Security Education and Training and initiated Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) Business Model to promote and outreach Trainees, Professionals and Security Aspirants across the world with CSSRL Franchise Offering. GPI became the 2nd Commercial Vertical of prominence and priority.

Strengthening its commitment to serve IT Security Trainee and Corporate Community with the finest Intellectual Services, CSSRL launches its BUSINESS SERVICES as 3rd Commercial Vertical catering to IT Security needs and requirements of Critical Information based Corporations like Banking, Governmental, Finance, Software Development, Network Infrastructure etc.

CSSRL Service Set

  • Independent Security Assessment +

    Security assessments are an important activity in the Risk Management process and effective Information Security Model implementation. CSSRL's Comprehensive and Independent security assessments reveal the extent to which controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended and meeting the required security levels. CSSRL's Assessments are intended to provide management with complete and accurate information regarding the security status of the information systems for which they are responsible; enabling them to make sound risk-based decisions regarding the operations of the information system.
  • Network Penetration Testing +

    Network Penetration Testing is to identify the presence of points where a threat (defined by the hacker) can align with existing risks to achieve penetration. CSSRL helps prevent penetration by identifying these points and providing effective methods for remediation before they are exploited by malicious hackers. CSSRL Network Penetration Tests provide an accurate measure of risk .Tests are delivered at threat levels that are slightly elevated from that which are likely to be faced in the real world (unless reduced by customer requirements). Testing at a lower than realistic threat levels, such as with methodologies that are driven by automation, is ineffective from a true security perspective.
  • Web Penetration Testing +

    CSSRL's Web Penetration Testing service is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in web applications (i.e. Website, Web Module / Component, Gateways, Payment Interfaces etc.) and provides you with recommendations of how to improve your public applications security. CSSRL's Web Penetration Testing Service shall conduct Manual and Automated Tests as per International Baseline standards set by OWASP, WASC etc. to explose, explore and recommend right mitigations for hosted vulnerabilities.
  • ISO 27001 Lead Implementation +

    ISO 27001 is the most universally accepted standard for Information Security the world over. ISO/IEC 27001 is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The standard is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls based on the risks the organization is exposed to. CSSRL's Lead Implementation Service enable an Organization to successfully implement ISO 27001:2013 Standard and conduct first internal audit after implementation.
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