Welcome to CSSRL!

CyberSec Studies and Research Laboratory LLP (branded as CSSRL) is a First Generation Cyber Security Workforce Development Company registered under The LLP Act, 2008 (India). A Committed Leading Firm dedicated towards Professional Training in Cyber Security and Allied Domains to enable World Class Workforce Development and Secured Digital Ecosystem globally. With a full stack Learning & Development Model employing hybrid delivery system including ILT Virtual Classrooms, ,Live Streamed Bootcamps, MOOC programs, CSSRL facilitates vibrant learning platform for enabling InfoSec Skill Development and pooling Security Learners, Instructors, Entrepreneurs & Institutions.

CSSRL is progressively building as a Leading Community of CyberSecurity Learners, Enthusiasts, Researchers, Professionals and Masters aimed at showcasing, facilitating, building and publishing high-end and Low-Cost Professional Courses developed and designed by World’s Top Instructors and Institutions. CSSRL¬†publishes courses in 40+ genres including Cyber Security Core, Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Application Security, Standards/Regulatory Compliance, Business Assurance, Global Certification Trainings, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Secured Programming/ Scripting, Project Management etc for Beginner to Expert Learners.


What we aim to achieve?

  • Developing Security Learners and Enthusiasts into highly efficient Cyber Security Workforce for Global Employability.
  • Talent Pooling Security Instructors with distinctive Professional Skills in Cyber Security.
  • Partnering with Seasoned Entrepreneurs and Facilitating Cyber Security Training and Development Business Model through Multi-Tier Franchising.
  • Developing Cyber Security Training and Research Facilities In-house for Technical Institutions.
  • Incubating and Rendering Research and Development Projects and Assignments

“Global technology major IBM has said there is a massive shortage of cyber security professionals in the country, urging young graduates to look this segment, which is a high-margin segment for companies, as a lucrative career option.The company, which looks at India both as a market as well as a talent pool to serve the global markets on cyber security, said a whopping 3 million cyber security professionals are required in the country but the supply is not even 100,000 now.” Kartik Shahahni, Security Director, IBM

Lately, we are still in a state of denial on cyber security, More Training, more Awareness more development needed on Cyber Security. Kamlesh Bajaj, CEO, DSCI