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“To serve the Global IT Security Industry with World-Class Professional Workforce, it is important that professionals with distinctive expertise translate their skills into Training Programs to build Next Larger Generation of Security Professional. “Become an Instructor” Program enables Talent Pooling and Skill Translation to ensure effectiveness and open knowledge sharing environment for Global Security Enthusiasts community”

Become an Instructor

Stop being Miser,
Earn by charity of Skills

If you have exceptional skills in any domain of Cyber Security and desire to add value through knowledge sharing, JOIN US and earn enviable bounties.

  • Share Your Skills
    Translate your distinctive skills into awesome Training Programs to help us keep your legacy on and develop Next Generation of Security Professionals as fine as you.
  • Earn at ease
    CSSRL ensures that Community Instructors get rewarded with deserving credit and competitive compensation in terms of course sales.
  • Mentor Millions
    Joining CSSRL’s Instructor’s Community signifies an opportunity to mentor and develop Cyber Security Workforce across the globe. We ensure that your developed courses are promoted across all Global Learning platforms and drive trainees across the world.
    1. Click the button to Signup as Instructor. Instructor Account request once submitted gets reviewed in 2-3 Working days. Sign Up
    2. On approval, Instructor is mailed detailed Policies, Guidelines and On-boarded Officially.
    3. Instructor may now Signin using Instructor Credentials. The dashboard facilitates “Add Course” option to create New Course. Please read all Instructor Guidelines before drafting, developing and adding new course.
    4. Once a New Course is Submitted for review, CSSRL takes 4-5 Working Days to offer Approval or Improvement Status to the Course.
    5. Once approved, New Course gets published and CSSRL initiates Cross-network Promotions and Live sales with Instructor Credits and Monthly Shares Status.

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