Become Premium Institutional Partner

CSSRL “Institutional Connect” Program allows Technical  / Non-Technical Academic Institutions to avail On-Campus Cyber Security Training and Research Facility for Industry Interfacing and Skill Bridging objectives. In-house Cyber Security Workforce development at Institutional-level and Secured Cyber Ecosystem Development are two major Goals of CSSRL “Institutional Connect” Program

CSSRL Industry Academia Connect Initiative

CSSRL signed its First Strategic Industry Academia Alliance with Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (MMMUT), Gorakhpur for deploying world class Cyber Security Lab Simulation and Training Development facility at Campus for Multi-Dimensional Research & Career Development of University Students. CSSRL entered into similar collaboration with Dubai Electronics Security Center (DESC), Dubai for developing Secured Cyber Ecosystem across UAE Academia and Industry.

What do we facilitate

Cyber Security Test Simulations and Lab Deployment

We deploy world class Cyber Security Training Lab simulated with Industrial Scenarios, Test Beds, Hundreds of Security Tools and Applications to enable On-Campus Training and Research Facility. The Lab Virtual Classroom Setup for Resource Connect and Remote Training Delivery (Global Experts)

On-Campus Professional Training and Workforce Development

On Campus Training and Incubation services for Students on Industrially tailored Pro Certification Programs and Advanced Technology Tools in Cyber Security and allied domains for Students, focussed at developing Industrial Workforce for targeted Job roles.

Faculty Development and Industry Interfacing

Faculty Training Programs are in-house Capacity-building Knowledge Transfer Security Courses to enable Sustainable expertise for local mentorship and enhanced teaching and research services within institute campus. For this, CSSRL platform several Short Term Training Programs (STTPs) for Faculty and Students.

Affiliate Joint Program and Curriculum Development

We design, develop and deliver Joint Program and High-end Professional Course as per Global Market Requirements for Technical Universities as Technical Knowledge Partner and Domain Expert. This enables the Institution to develop Industrial Cyber Security Workforce On-Campus and take edge in Global Academia Indexing.