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Bootcamp Seminars and Workshops



Bootcamp Workshops are Capsuled Consolidated Subject Intensive Training Drills introduced to offer Cost-effective Handy training to Professional as well as Non-Professional Cyber Users. Lack of Cyber Security Awareness has always been seen as most critical challenge in creating a Crime Fee Cyber Space. And thus, "The major aim of Bootcamps is to disseminate Cyber Security Awareness to People in Volume. "

Secured and Safe usage of Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, G+), Public Wifi Hotspots, Internet Browsing, protection against Viruses-malwares, Prevention against social engineering are various Subjects that form Bootcamps 2018 Areas of Concern.

CSSRL invites various Schools, Colleges, TechFest Organizers, Clubs, Organisations and Social Circles at large to join Bootcamps and support our efforts for National Cyber Security Awareness cause.

Bootcamp Workshops 2018

Email Security

Facebook Security

Social Security

WiFi Security

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