Certified Mobile Application Security Analyst (C-MASA)


Level : Advanced
Duration : 30 hours

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Certified Mobile Application Security Analyst (C-MASA) is an Advanced Capsuled Training Program designed to disseminate skills required to understand, assess and mitigate the security vulnerabilities in Apple iOS and Android devices. Mobile devices are no longer a convenience technology; they are an essential tool carried or worn by users worldwide, often displacing conventional computers for everyday enterprise data needs. You can see this trend in corporations, hospitals, banks, schools, and retail stores throughout the world. This makes C-MASA, a must Certification for every Application Developers, Security Tester, Auditor, Enthusiast and Learner.

Main Highlights

  • Comprehensive Mobile Application Security Program
  • Learn Testing skills on Android and iOS Mobile Devices
  • Designed and developed in compliance with Global Mobile Security Standards
  • 40 Hrs (7 Days) Optimally Capsuled Training Modules
  • Only for Batch / Group Enrolments

What is the target audience?

Certified Mobile Application Security Analyst (C-MASA) is highly recommended for every young Security Tester, Enthusiast and Learner with basic understanding of IT Security Essentials. A Must Certification for Mobile Technology Enthusiasts, Developers, Testers etc.

Private: Introduction to Mobile Device Architecture and Common Mobile Threats
Private: Mobile Platform Access and Application Analysis
Private: Mobile Application Reverse Engineering
Private: Penetration Testing Mobile Devices
Private: Mobile Application Attack Simulation
As more and more Business Operations and Processes for most Small, Medium or Big Companies are getting heavily dependent upon their IT Infrastructure and Internet Applications, the equivalent risk of loosing their Business Data, Continuity and Confidentiality comes across every organisation. The managed services that deals with Security and Safety against such high factor risks constitutes Cyber Security Industry as a result. The Cyber Risk evolved pose immense threat to Governments, Corporates, Professionals, Businesses, Individuals and everyone connected to Cyber Space. This threat has given birth to more than 150 Billion dollars Cyber Security Industry globally. Industrial Development of Cyber Security Industry has been much faster than the Workforce Development and thus Globally there exists a Workforce Deficit of 7 Million Trained Professionals. CSSRL`s efforts are to educate, train and develop more and more Authentic Security Professionals for Workforce Deficit-prone Global Industry.
All Top Organisations including Google, Facebook, Symantec, Intel, Apple, KPMG, Amazon, Cisco, HP, Salesforce etc. And not just Big players, rather gradually every Company with IT/Internet Dependent Processes are recruiting Trained and Skilled Security Professionals.
Irrespective of Academic Background, anybody with Basic Computer and Internet Essentials knowledge can begin a career in Cyber Security. It moves from Foundation Skills to Expert Skills. Just like Physics, Cyber Security has many sub domains or verticals in which one can develop as a Specialist or Expert. But to begin with, its important to have wider understanding and foundation clarity on the Parent Domain i.e. Cyber Security. Thus, with basic knowledge of Computer and Internet Essentials, one can start with Foundation Training in Cyber Security Parent Domains. Once Foundation Training is done, one can apply for entry jobs or may further the specialisation in Sub-Domains of Cyber Security. Programming Skills, IT Background, Professional Experience are all addons but not necessary to crack a strong career in Cyber Security Industry.
Generic Information System Security, Web Application Security / Penetration Testing / Auditing, Network Infrastructure Security, Network Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Security Virtualization, Security Architecture, Secured Code Analysis, Cloud Security, Information Security Management, Compliance Audit, Mobile Application Security, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), SOC, IoT Security, AI Security/Testing, Critical Infrastructure Security etc are few Sub Domains of Cyber Security in which one can expertise.
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C-MASA 1st Live Webcast Batch commences 15th June 2019. Take the course !!!

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