Franchise FAQs

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Is this Business Suitable for me?

CSSRL Franchise Business is most suitable opportunity for anyone desirous of doing Niche Technology Training Business, Senior IT Professionals, Education / Vocational Training Investors or First-time Entrepreneurs with Creative Zeal and Business Acumen.

Does Cyber Security Business has scope in Market?

CSSRL is aiming to develop World Class Premium Workforce for over 150 Billion USD worth Global IT Security Industry growing at 11% Annually with 7 Millions trained Skilled Manpower Deficit (Globally) for demand increasing at 37% Annually. Its evident this Business is going to lead future of Internet Driven Digital Ecosystem for next 3-4 decades at least.

Why shouldn’t I start my own Business instead of Franchise Partnership?

A Business requires Structure, Products, Processes, Testing, Marketing, Strategies, Operations, Compliance, Team etc. You may choose to build it all by yourself or your may leverage upon CSSRL’s Business Model, join Premium Partners’ Team & run the show with all set & ready.

What all Tangible Support can I expect from CSSRL?

Cyber Security is a Niche Technology and thus 100% Technical and Delivery Lead is taken by CSSRL. Moreover, our Account Managers continually support and assist you across Operational, Administrative, Sales and Local Marketing Verticals. CSSRL commits Targeted Regional Marketing for Brand Build-up to drive Sales for Franchisees along with more than 25 Supports and Services.

Are you going to help me Sale Courses in my region?

CSSRL does Preferred Targeted Marketing for Franchisees to drive maximum leads for the local team. Apart from Marketing, Local team is Trained, Guided and Supported all across Sales Cycle. CSSRL also facilitates Premium Support for Regional Campaigns managed by Franchise Lab.

I don’t have any experience in IT / Security, how will I run this Business?

Business Acumen, Investment Capability, Management Skills and Ability to learn Operations is all that is required to run CSSRL Franchise Lab. As 100% Technical Delivery is managed by CSSRL with multi-angle Support Structure. SO, yes without any IT / Security Experience also, this business is feasible.

Ms. Rita Chawla

Franchise Development Lead
Phone: +91 9997600634

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