Perhaps in recent past you had shown interest in getting trained in Cyber Security. But could not make up your mind as there were some questions or concerns which prevented you from taking a decision. We know that the Cyber Security Industry is growing. There is a lot of scope in it in future. It is the right time to start a career in cyber security.But is it for me? Can I make it? Where do I start? Do I need to give up my current career and start fresh? These are some of the questions which many of us face when we consider opting for Cyber Security as a career. We have compiled for you some frequently asked questions below which people ask and the answers for the same.

What is the eligibility for studying cyber security? What if I am not from IT background?

At CSSRL we have a range of courses in cyber security for people with different educational backgrounds and interests. Our counselor will be able to guide you to choose the course that is best fit for you, if you decide to enter in this domain. I am curious about Cyber Security but not sure if I can have a career in this domain. Due to growing demand of cyber security professionals and a lot of career opportunities a lot of people have recently started getting attracted to this domain. There could be various reasons but primarily they fall in any of these three categories when someone want to study Cyber Security. a) Those who want to start in this field but have no significant background in this so far b) Those who do not see it as a career option but want to learn cyber security due to curiosity or to increase their awareness. c) Those who have studied cyber security but want to upgrade their skills and learn advance topics. At CSSRL, we have various courses addressing all of these different needs.

How do I decide which course is right for me?

The details of all our courses, with their duration, eligibility, fee structure and course contents are listed on our website. Our counselor will be happy to help you (on phone call or in person) in case you need any guidance in choosing the right course.

Do I need to have good knowledge of computer programming to learn cyber security?

The answer depends on which course you are choosing. Except in some specialized courses, having prior knowledge of computer programming is not mandatory.

I have already have a lot of years of experience in my career but I am new to cyber security. Do I have to start from beginning?

CSSRL offers various courses for all levels. Contact our counselor to discuss your case.

What kind of career options are available in the field of cyber security?

There is a huge growth in career opportunities in the cyber security domain since past two years and it is expected to grow even faster. In fact most of the reports indicate that the cyber security industry is going through a shortage of skilled resources. This, of course, is a good opportunity for those who learn the skills.

I want to learn cyber security but not sure if I will be able to manage my time to attend the classes without disturbing my current profession.

At CSSRL we understand the constraints or issues which the trainees faces in such situation. Our academic schedule is planned and customized for our trainees to provide such flexibility included weekend and or evening/early morning classes. Check with admission cell, before deciding to join any course on what flexibility can be provided in your case to match your availability.

I heard that employment in cyber security domain requires a lot of hands on experience and not just some certification by learning theoretical concepts. Is it true?

That is true. Without sufficient hands-on/practical knowledge, it will be unfair to expect a good career specially in domains like cyber security. Hence all our courses have enough hands-on sessions for our trainees so that they have the required skills and confidence by the time they are ready for employment in this domain.

If I choose distance learning/virtual classroom mode, what will happen to my practical classes?

Unlike most of the online courses available on internet, CSSRL provides full support to our virtual learning trainees by providing not only recorded lectures but also interaction with trainer for answering queries as well as providing all required tools and assistance in installing and using them. CSSRL trainers are assigned to all our virtual learning mode trainees who review their progress and are available to answer their queries and assist them in their practicals/hands-on.

My job schedule is unpredictable and may require occasional travelling. What if I join some course but could not complete it due to my travel requirements?

Contact CSSRL Admission cell in such case and we will be able to provide you such flexibility if required.

What if I realize after joining any course that it is too complex for me?

Our counselor will help you avoid such situation by guiding you to join the course which is fit for you. However, if such situation still arise, our trainers are also flexible enough and go extra mile to ensure that you achieve the skills that you intended to, when you joined the course.

Author: Neil D

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