In Cyber Security Industry, every professional banks a sharply differentiating specialised set of skills. Some are good in Web, some in Networks, yet some are great in Mobile / Cloud and to some AI, SCADA or SIEM excites the most.

As a Disruptive Startup in Cyber Security Training and Workforce Development, CSSRL understands that Translative Skill Pooling is highly essential if we really wish to develop a World Class Workforce Development Environment for Global IT Security Industry. CSSRL offers various training programs to bridge the gap between the current academics and the workforce requirement by the IT industry at large. For providing this training, which is mainly focused on practical hands-on as well as basic concepts in various domains, CSSRL acquires Security Professionals who can guide the enrolled trainees in the capacity of Instructors and Mentors.

Evangelism is not a Second Class Job, its one’s choice to disseminate hard-earned skills to create First Class Security Professionals.

CSSRL keeps its recruitment window open for acquiring Cyber Security Instructors with distinctive skills who can develop & deliver Training Programs for CSSRL and earn bankable revenue shares. Joining CSSRL is about surging synergies into developing and disseminating awesomeness. The hunt is for Cyber Security Instructors who desire to translate their skills into Tangible Knowledge Sharing Training Programs, who wish to help us develop Next Generation of Global Security Workforce and can work Full-Time / Part-Time / Remote or in any flexible mode.

Those who are passionate for training, mentoring and creating impact by building next generation of Security Professionals, will find themselves at home in CSSRL work environment, and not those who are only looking for “a job”.

Author: Neil D

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